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About the game

1-16 players, arcade, challenging, falling blobs, puzzle game. Inspired by japanese classics. Push your brain and reflexes to the limit in Arcade coop, Arcade versus, Tournament, Endless Battle and Puzzle modes coupled with challenging local and global achievements and leaderboards.

Two players can play on keyboard and up to 8 gamepads can be used. Max 8 player can play at once, up to 16 with CPU players.

Heading to Xbox One and Android!

  • Raining Blobs main menu
  • Raining Blobs character selection menu
  • Raining Blobs player loses
  • Raining Blobs settings menu
  • Raining Blobs in-game capture
  • Raining Blobs one player capture
Programming and design Endi Milojkoski
Girls illustrations Magdalena Milojkoska
Pixelart Misbug
Pixelart Igor Sandman
Music and SFX BJ Derganc
Porting and help Marko Jeremic
Website S├ębastien Lion
Publisher Black Shell Media